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Adrian Cooper

Started by Charles Lowres and Adrian Cooper in 2014.  They have both been trained in the Belinda Grace, “Becoming a Clairvoyant Healer” course.  Both knew they needed to grow on a spiritual level and this was the vehicle chosen by them to expand their knowledge base.  They both felt the need to share their individual skills with the broader community.  Both Charles and Adrian have graduated in both levels one and two of the training and Charles has since trained with Belinda Grace herself to consolidate and build on his knowledge.  Both Charles and Adrian are trained in Tarot, Clairvoyant healing and Reiki.

How did we get the name?

The name Amanti Moon is derived from the names of the spirit guides of Charles and Adrian.  Charles has an African guide called Amanti.  He gives Charles lots of skill and a sense of humour!  Adrian’s guide “Yellow Moon” has been with Adrian all of his lives.  He gives Adrian that advantage of seeing life through a different perspective.  Putting both names together combining the two gives us Amanti Moon.

Charles and Adrian offer intuitive Tarot.  Adrian uses the traditional Rider Waite deck and Charles prefers to use the Connolly deck.  The Tarot sessions begin with a 30 minute reading.  A general spread is drawn and then questions and specifics can be asked of the cards.


Chakra Balancing is another treatment on offer.  Chakras are energy centres on the body.  There are many on the body but the main 7 are cleared and aligned with a chakra balance.  This takes approximately 30 minutes.  Each of the 7 chakras represents different aspects of the body.  Chakras can become blocked or clogged and we can clear the way for the energy to freely circulate.


Past Life Release is an amazing tool.   Sometimes for no reason we carry issues from previous lives into our present life.  A past life release is a way for these issues to surface and the negative parts of these lives can be cleared.  This is a one on one session with Charles.  He will tap into your past life and give you the information of the previous life and clear the negative issue away and keep all that was loving and positive.  It is quite therapeutic.


Reiki is another way of balancing Chakras.  The healer places their hands all over your body.  The energy from the healer works its way through your body. Starting from your head and working down you are engaging more of the 2000 or so chakra centres in the body.  Reiki is a Japanese technique for bringing peace and harmony to the body.  It is painless for the client who gets to lie down and relax for the treatment.


Energy treatments for a quick pick me up.  Rainbow treatments, Champagne treatments, Crystalline treatments and a heart mind balance can be added to any of the Chakra or Reiki treatments.

Charles and Adrian have lifetimes of experience in this field. They can tap into their divine guidance to connect with their angels and guides to assist with the energy healings they undertake.  Both have been trained in the amazing Belinda Grace methods of Clairvoyant healing.


Both Charles and Adrian are on their chosen life path and are always striving to further their learning’s through education and seminars.


Trust Charles and Adrian to guide you on

your own journey!





Both Charles and Adrian are Certified

Members of the International Institute

for Complementary Therapists.

"My dearest Charles, I don’t know what you have done but I feel so much better and have lost that melancholy feeling.  I now have a spring in my step!  I’m more energetic and feel at peace."

Helen.  Williamstown VIC

"Dear Charles,

I just want to thank you for the brilliant insight to my life through the Past Life session that I had with you recently.ᅠ What you told me that I need to work on in this life was ‘right on the money’ with how I feel.ᅠ What really blew me away in this session was the tingling that I felt coming through your hands to mine. It was a truly awe inspiring session. I will be back for more!"

Maryann.  Roxburgh Park VIC

"Hello Adrian and Charles,

I would like to thank you for helping me get back on track.  I came to you as I was need of support in helping me get through a very difficult time.   I had lost my cousin in October then a week later I lost my mother In law.  My beautiful sister who has breast cancer is struggling to cope with her personal life.  I see my husband quietly grieving for his mother.  I was struggling to come to work.

I am a person who usually would believe in what I can see touch and feel.

Just like in the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty.  Charles you put my broken pieces back together again.

After experiencing a chakra balance and a heart mind balance followed by a tarot reading with Adrian I now have an open mind and a positive perspective on my life.  I am so grateful for you giving me back control and a better outlook on my life."

Cheryle.  Cragieburn VIC

11th Feb 2017.

Beginners Intuitive Tarot – One Day.


Ever wanted to learn how to read Tarot Cards?  Now is your chance.  Using the Lynne Rivero Intuitive technique, in one day you can learn to read confidently for family and friends.  Investment is $145.00 per person including lunch.  Bring your own Tarot deck or purchase on the day at additional cost.

Classes are limited in numbers.



We are pleased to advise that you can order directly with us for the following items currently in stock.


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Chakra Candles

Set of 7 candles


Salt Lamps

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Oracle Cards

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For all bookings and enquiries please contact Charles or Adrian, readings are available in person or via Skype.

Amanti Moon is located in Attwood, Melbourne, Australia.

Telephone 0491 105 273.

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